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More about me.

I am a naturalist with an artist heart.

Since I was a child, I have always been animated with a passion for nature. Spending much time in it, I ended up wanting to learn more about it. I studied geology at University, to understand all that made the Earth what it is, and natural sciences at CNB (Cercles Naturalistes de Belgique), a belgian association which trains nature guides. 

I like to  express my admiration to Nature through art - I practice different techniques that I taught myself, like watercolor, dry chalk or charcoal.  I believe in the power of diversity, so I try as much as I can to mix techniques and styles: my instinct is to always try to represent an animal in the most realistic way possible, so I try to add some abstractness to a piece with a dramatic background. I am really grateful for the ability to see colors nature has gifted us with. I am fond of using vivid colors and to blend them into each other. I always draw from a model. I either use one of my pictures, or borrow one from another wildlife photographer. I draw animals with unusual positions or with a very peculiar ambiance around it.

I am deeply concerned about the natural world's future, so I also developed other ways to pass on conservation messages: I taught myself photography and filmmaking so I could tell stories to raise awareness and, most of all, help people to marvel at nature. I believe marveling at nature and reconnecting with it is the first step if we really want to protect it.  My art and my films and photos are made for this purpose.

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