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What is Bighorn Studio?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The phylosophy behind it.

Bighorn Studio is an international audio-visual collective aiming to raise awareness about nature-related issues.

Created in 2014 by Simon Maurissen, Bighorn Studio has conducted different conservation films and photography projects around the world, from Belgium to Central Africa and Indonesia.

Bighorn Studio's members have different backgrounds and sets of skills, experiences and ideas, however we are all animated by the same desire to protect Mother Nature. We believe in the power of images as a mean to convey conservation challenges as well as share constructive potential solutions.


If audio-visual qualifies Bighorn Studio, love, respect and curiosity for nature is what unites its members. It is with nature at heart that they collaborate and express themselves, whether it is through pictures or films, books and art pieces, or expositions and projections.

The collective is based in Belgium but its members are international and spread around the world where the stories await to be told.

Due to the nature of our activities, we often have to find our own fundings. In order for us to keep looking for stories that need to be told in the best interest of Nature, we are calling to the generosity of people who want to invest in conservation. Please consider helping Bighorn Studio and therefore enable us to keep doing what we are meant to do.

Your help is the warranty of our freedom to tell stories!

We all know the impact an image or a film with a powerful message can have on people and therefore on decision-makers. We believe that in communicating the marvel we feel for our natural surroundings to others through images and by raising awareness about major environmental issues we are doing our part of the conservation. It is our passion and a life dedication.

In order to remain completely free of telling the stories as we want to tell them, we have to stay away from big sponsorship. The only solution is to rely on the generosity of donors.

Bighorn Studio is 100% independant.

Your 'tip' helps us to keep doing what we want to do in good conditions. It allows us to remunerate our collaborators, to face the regular costs that our activity requires, to insure our own equipment, for example, and to travel to the sometimes remote locations where the stories are waiting, etc. Our goal is not to make money but to fulfill our mission and make a difference in the best conditions possible.

Where is my 'tip' going?

- Website, sharing platform (Vimeo), maintenance costs

- Equipment insurance

- Travel expenses and carbon offset

The one that chooses to 'tip' Bighorn Studio, in other words to donate a free amount, simply being the price of a coffee or a larger amount, occasionally or monthly, stands a special place in our hearts, but not only. This tipper becomes a Bighorn Studio member, he takes part of the adventure and therefore will see its name indicated on its website.

Furthermore, for one lucky regular engaged donnor per year, wherever he leaves, we will ship an original art piece under the form of a chalk canvas (A3) representing wildlife, signed by Simon Maurissen (a Bighorn Studio's member). See examples below.

For the future?

Bighorn Studio has plenty of new projects. First, we would like to grow up and create a large group of nature-interested people ready to get involved in different projects. We have plans for a new film series that will face people from different origins to their relationship with their environment.

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